January Chairman's Message

January is named after the Roman god, Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions. He is depicted as a two-faced god looking into opposite directions, the past and the future, and is also associated with marriages, births, harvests and other beginnings. To many of us, January symbolizes a transition of past to future, with new resolutions, new hopes and dreams and new beginnings as well as the celebration of things remembered from the previous year.

Imagine being in January, 2019 right now. What will you say you were glad you accomplished in 2018? Each of us will fondly remember time with family and friends, new adventures, new knowledge gained, and wonder how the year went by so quickly. My question for you is, will you celebrate January 2019 remembering how you worked for victory for Governor Hogan and your local representatives? Will you have a sense of satisfaction that you helped stuff envelopes, put out signs, displayed bumper stickers, sign waved, knocked on your neighbor’s doors, and contributed money to the candidates of your choice? Or will you have a sense of regret that you did not do more and that we failed to elect the representatives our state needs?
We have a lot of hard work ahead of us to re-elect Governor Hogan and support him down ballot with enough new senators and delegates to sustain vetoes of bad legislation. We are going to have to negotiate who is doing what to help with this effort and set aside our preferences to win this election. In a state where we are outnumbered 2:1, we need everyone on-board and voting to win!






You will have the chance to change Maryland for the next century in 2018 when you re-elect Governor Hogan. He will have the right and responsibility to redistrict our state in 2020 to eliminate gerrymandering through a fair, non-partisan, open and transparent redistricting process. Politically competitive districts will give Maryland a truly balanced government for the first time since 1898.
I need your help with two things:
1)​Elect 5 senators and 7 delegates that will help prevent over-riding Governor Hogan’s vetoes of bad legislation
2)​Supporting the candidate of your choice with your time and resources.
What can all of us do to help?
1,​Join a candidate’s team. We have great candidates running for county council, county wide races and legislative races. We need to elect 5 additional senators and 7 additional delegates to support Governor Hogan. Will you be part of the crucial crew that makes this possible?
2.​Help build your community by signing up to be a precinct leader. We have 190 precincts to cover for primary and general elections not to mention 7 early day voting sites. We need people to serve shifts during those days as well as precinct leaders to help organize and communicate with them. We can help you learn what you need to do and you will have fun with your neighbors.
3)​Join fellow Republicans at their club meetings (http://www.aagop.org/republican_clubs) to learn from elected officials what is going on in Annapolis and the county, and to meet our new candidates.
Wayne Smith
Chair, AAGOP

District 3 (below) is “the nation's second-most gerrymandered district” (Washington Post!). ‘Marymandering’ leads to disparate communities unserved by their officials.

District 4 isn’t much better!


Wayne Smith

Chair, AAGOP

MDGOP Candidate