Chairman's Message

October Chairman’s Message


October marks several critical anniversaries that define America.  In 1492, the face of Europe was changing.  Spain was re-united under Ferdinand and Isabella and they immediately commissioned Christopher Columbus to find a path to India.  Instead he found the New World, making his first landfall in the Bahamas. Thinking he had accomplished his mission, he called the first island natives he met, 'Indians.'

Two significant victories in the American Revolution were the cornerstones of victory for the colonies.  The firs was on October 17, 1777 when British General John Burgoyne surrendered his army of 5,700 men after the Battle of Saratoga.  Four year later on October 19, the British Army surrendered to the Americans at Yorktown, effectively ending the war. Another “cornerstone” was laid on October 13, 1792; George Washington laid the cornerstone of the White House.  


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