March Message

Will March come in like a lamb and out like a lion? So far it feels like it came in like a lion. Some of us lost power or have friends and neighbors who lost power who needed help from their community. 


Thank you for stepping up!

In March we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Until I read Thomas Cahill’s, ‘How the Irish Saved Civilization’, I had no idea the extent of St. Patrick’s influence. Patrick (d.461) was a shepherd-slave who ran 200 miles to escape in a ship to Europe. He returns as an Apostle to Ireland where he teaches them that their virtues of faithfulness, courage and generosity lead to the abandonment of the slave trade and a decrease in violence. Irish energy is re-focused on their love of learning and they master Latin, Greek and some Hebrew. Their isolated monasteries (used as Luke Skywalker’s desolate abode in The Last Jedi), become the isolated and safe libraries of Europe. This love and artistry leads them to copy every single manuscript they can find in Europe including classic Greek, classic Roman literature and the Bible. They created the spectacular Book of Kells, and similar books were sought all over Europe. As the Barbarians crossed Europe, they burned every single library they found. When the desecration was over, Irish monks settled new monasteries in France (870 Heiric of Auxerre, “Almost all of Ireland, disregarding the sea, is migrating to our shores with a flock of philosophers.”), Germany, Austria (Schottenstift) and Italy (Bobbio Abbey). Books that hadn’t been seen in centuries were once again available and the end of the Dark Ages was now possible.

Will you be the St. Patrick to the state of Maryland? Will you knock on doors, make phone calls, join clubs, contribute to campaigns to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change Maryland forever? To end the Dark Ages of single party politics in Maryland? To bring sanity and hope to the General Assembly? Will our citizens re-elect the same legislators who have proven they do not understand struggling families’ plights? Will our citizens re-elect those who think we can tax ourselves to wealth or those who display little common sense? Or will you help convince your neighbors to re-elect Governor Hogan, and provide him with a veto proof minority in the Senate and House of Delegates?

Under Governor Hogan, we have

  1. Created over $700 million in toll, tax and fee relief
  2. Proposed four straight budgets with no tax increases
  3. Created over 125,000 new jobs
  4. Provided Record funding for K-12 education three years in a row
  5. Introduced legislation to end partisan gerrymandering through a fair, non-partisan, open and transparent redistricting process


   district3.png    district4.png

District 3                                                       District 4

Will you help us break the time loop permanently to create a better Maryland?

What can all of us do to help?

1,         Join a candidate’s team.  We have great candidates running for county council, county wide races and legislative races.  We need to elect 5 additional senators and 7 additional delegates to support Governor Hogan.  Will you be part of the crucial crew that makes this possible?

  1. Help build your community by signing up to be a precinct leader. We have 195 precincts to cover for primary and general elections not to mention 7 early day voting sites.  We need people to serve shifts during those days as well as precinct leaders to help organize and communicate with them.  We can help you learn what you need to do and you will have fun with your neighbors.

3)         Become and Election Judge (and get paid!)


4)         Join fellow Republicans at their club meetings ( to learn from elected officials what is going on in Annapolis and the county, and to meet our new candidates.

Wayne Smith

Chair, AAGOP

MDGOP Candidate