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The Chairman’s message is very simple this month, Get out and Vote!

I know that you do not agree with every position or decision that your family and friends hold or make; we will not agree with every position of our elected leaders either. Under which leader will you and your family be better off?

You will elect one party or the other in every office.

You will make the decision.

If you want to keep Governor Hogan who has saved us $1.2 Billion in tax, toll and fee relief, Get out and Vote!

If you want to continue to give record breaking increases to education without raising taxes,

Get out and Vote for Governor Hogan!

If you want a County Executive who knows how to manage a billion-dollar budget,

Get out and Vote for Steve Schuh!

If you don’t want an A.C.O.R.N protagonist running the county,

Get out and Vote for Steve Schuh!

If you want MS13 out of our county; Get out and Vote for Republican candidates like Wes Adams and Jim Fredericks.

If you want fair redistricting, elect Republican Senators and Delegates to support Governor Hogan; Get out and Vote!

If you are tired of career politicians like Pam Beidle staying every night in session at a hotel in Annapolis at taxpayer expense instead of driving 16 miles home; Get out and Vote!

You will get the leadership for which you vote; Get out and Vote!

Wayne Smith, Chair, AAGOP

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Wayne Smith (D32)

Vice Chairman

David Starr (D32)

James Appel (D33)

Katherine Butcher (D21)

Nate Hall (D30)

Alexander Fakeri (D31)

Corine Frank (D31)

Faith Loudon (D31)

Susan McConkey (D33)

Matt Pugh (D33)

Anne Rutherford (D33)

Michele Speakman (D32)

Jason Trott (D30)

Legal Counsel

Jason E. Rheinstein


James Appel


Anne White




October 23, 2018


Anne Arundel United Slate Commits Voter Fraud

Annapolis, Md. – October 23, 2018 – Anne Arundel County Democratic Party tactics hit a new low today with the release of a mailer that can only be described as voter fraud calling themselves the Board of Elections. The mailer was paid for and distributed by the Anne Arundel United Slate an organization funded by former Democratic Stater Senator Ed DeGrange (D32) whose membership includes every single Democratic candidate in Anne Arundel County. Former Democratic Delegate Virginia Clagett (D30) is the organization’s treasurer and former Democratic Delegate Mary Ann Love (D32) chairs the committee.

The mailer closely mimics the look of the official sample ballot from the Board of Elections and includes official contact information for the Board of Elections. It also bolds the names of all Democratic candidates on the ballot. The piece was clearly intended to trick voters into believing that this fraudulent mailer was an official communication from the Board of Elections and that they endorsed Democratic candidates in the upcoming General Election.

Virginia Clagett is also the treasurer for Steuart Pittman’s County Executive campaign. If the same individual is signing the checks for both organizations, it calls into question the ethics and activities of both entities.

“It is disconcerting that these candidates including the candidate for County Executive who has made transparency part of his platform, would align themselves with individuals and an organization that has set out to deliberately cheat and disenfranchise voters,” said Wayne Smith, Chairman of the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee. “Dirty Chicago politics have no place in Anne Arundel County. We will be forwarding this to the State Prosecutor and Attorney General for a full investigation into this odious act. As part of this slate, each of these candidates is responsible for the content and needs to answer to the public for the mailer. The Board of Elections has worked tirelessly to build confidence in Maryland’s electoral process, and it is despicable that former Delegates and a candidate for County Executive would purposefully collude to mislead voters.”

to see the mailer click here


P.O. Box 6494
Annapolis, MD 21401
Authority: Republican State Central Committee of Anne Arundel County, James Appel, Treasurer





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