Board of Elections Nominations

The Republican State Central Committee
is taking applications to be considered for nomination
to the Governor to fill seats on the 

Anne Arundel County Board of Elections

Please see the policy on the selection process and the application instructions.

BOE Application Packet    Nominee Selection Policy

The application deadline extended to January 23, 2019


November Message

Your Vote Matters!




Need a ride to the polls?


The Chairman’s message is very simple this month, Get out and Vote!

I know that you do not agree with every position or decision that your family and friends hold or make; we will not agree with every position of our elected leaders either. Under which leader will you and your family be better off?

You will elect one party or the other in every office.

You will make the decision.

If you want to keep Governor Hogan who has saved us $1.2 Billion in tax, toll and fee relief, Get out and Vote!

If you want to continue to give record breaking increases to education without raising taxes,

Get out and Vote for Governor Hogan!

If you want a County Executive who knows how to manage a billion-dollar budget,

Get out and Vote for Steve Schuh!

If you don’t want an A.C.O.R.N protagonist running the county,

Get out and Vote for Steve Schuh!

If you want MS13 out of our county; Get out and Vote for Republican candidates like Wes Adams and Jim Fredericks.

If you want fair redistricting, elect Republican Senators and Delegates to support Governor Hogan; Get out and Vote!

If you are tired of career politicians like Pam Beidle staying every night in session at a hotel in Annapolis at taxpayer expense instead of driving 16 miles home; Get out and Vote!

You will get the leadership for which you vote; Get out and Vote!

Wayne Smith, Chair, AAGOP

Sign up to work at a polling place: 

Would you please donate to help our last minute get out the vote efforts?

MDGOP Candidate