September Chairmain’s Message

How will you celebrate Labor Day this year?  

On June 28, 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the states, the District of Columbia and the territories.  On this day, we celebrate the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.  

As an example, I am writing this while on vacation with 25 family members in the OBX.  Here we can rent a luxurious house that far outstrips what Carnegie, Ford, Vanderbilt or Morgan ever experienced.  First, we could travel the 400 miles in 7 hours in an air-conditioned, quiet, well riding automobile which Ford could recognize and marvel.  Despite their mansions in Newport, CT, all would have been envious of our ten-bedroom rental home with electricity, air conditioning, vacuums, micro waves and endless supplies of ice.  Despite our distance, we are in constant communications with our colleagues and loved ones around the world with our phones and internet.

All this is because of the efforts of American workers to turn dreams and ideas into valuable products.  You deserve a day of recognition and a poignant reminder of just how far we have come!  Use this opportunity to have a family discussion about our history, our opportunities, why this is possible in America and not other countries.  America is the country people want to escape to, to turn dreams and ideas into a better future for their families.

August Chairman’s Message

The summer months are when many families move.  When you retire like my wife and I have, you have to make a choice as to where you will live and why.  For many, the choice is between ‘financial capital’ and ‘social capital’.  Will you move to a place with a low cost of living where you do not know anyone or will you stay where your social network, friends and perhaps family are in place but where it might be more expensive?

The good news is that under Governor Hogan, the state of Maryland has become less expensive.  We want to stay here with our friends and family but are concerned about what would happen if Ben Jealous became governor along with more liberal Democrat senators and delegates.  When Bernie Sanders says "there are few progressives stronger than Ben", you know the taxpayer is in trouble. He wants to provide ‘free’ college; the taxpayer will be paying for that.  Despite the need to imprison thosecriminals who make Baltimore undesirablewith the highest murder rate per capita in the US--Jealous wants to ‘"end the era of mass incarceration" by striving for a fair criminal justice system.'  Despite Maryland being the only state with a Healthcare Cost Review Commission that sets hospital rates to be the same regardless of which insurer the patient utilizes, Jealous envisions a Medicare-for-All system that delivers better care for less cost.  Isn’t that what we were promised under ObamaCare?  How well did that work for you, your families and your friends?

MDGOP Candidate